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CrossFit Houston Beginner's CourseOur 2 week long Crossfit Beginner Course is designed to teach the fundamentals of Crossfit while increasing ones stamina and endurance. The course provides a safe and effective transition into the more intense all levels class. Our coaches evaluate each athlete's individual strengths and weaknesses during the course and then make future training recommendations. 

Our Crossfit Beginner Course is MANDATORY for anyone and everyone wishing to train with us. The course meets four nights a week for two consecutive weeks for total of eight classes. We offer the course at 8:00 PM MON-TUE-WED-THU. A new course starts every other Monday. Once you start the course you must continue with that same class, start to finish, in order to stay on track. Each day you will be taught new exercises and skills that build upon previous lessons. The cost of the course is $150, and must be paid in advance.

Due to the importance of this course, you are strongly urged to attend and complete each and every class; please be punctual. CrossFit involves very vigorous weight training, metabolic conditioning & gymnastics and is not for everyone. Although the beginner course is designed to accommodate anyone of sound body regardless of experience or fitness level, most beginners find it extrememly challenging. Be prepared to be challenged. We do not refund any portion of the course to those who discover they do not posses the will to finish. Anyone wishing to retake the course must pay an additional $150 in order to do so. 

Days Times

8:00 PM

To Register, please call Eric at 713-775-3622.We do not accept registration online, by email, or text. Much of the time we are out on the gym floor coaching and unable to answer the phone. If we do not answer your call, please leave your name and number and we will call you back. Each athlete must register and pay in advance. There will be a limit of 20 athletes per course; most courses fill up about 2 weeks in advance.

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