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Universal Crossfit, located in Houston, offers experienced Crossfit certified coaches, convenient class times, large well equipped facility, competitive pricing, and a friendly atmosphere! Our Crossfit classes are designed to develop your core strength and conditioning regardless of your experience or current fitness level. Visitors to our Houston area Crossfit gym are always welcome.

What is Crossfit Training?

Crossfit training is high intensity, constantly varied, functional movements that produce proven results and accomplish your fitness goals. Core strength and conditioning classes differ only by the degree of load and intensity. Our Crossfit certified coaches scale load and intensity for each individual; we don’t change the program. CrossFit training does not specialize in any one sport; however, core conditioning benefits athletes of all sporting activities! Crossfit training optimizes physical performance in each of ten recognized fitness domains:

  1. cardiovascular/respiratory endurance;
  2. stamina;
  3. strength;
  4. flexibility;
  5. power;
  6. speed;
  7. coordination;
  8. agility;
  9. balance; and,
  10. accuracy.

Need help getting started?

Most people need help getting started with a fitness program; so, we developed a Crossfit Beginner Course! It is designed to help you start your fitness program; while we assess your condition, and then together, we help you define your fitness goals.

Visit our Houston area Crossfit gym and speak with a Crossfit certified coach. Take a tour our large well equipped facility and meet like minded friendly people. Remember, our Crossfit training will develop your core strength and conditioning regardless of your experience or current fitness level! Stop by the gym today!

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